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About Me

Hi !

I’ve been working in the software industry for over 35 years.

I started my career on the development side, working as a Developer, then a Project Manager, and finally a Software Architect. I then moved into software engineering, working as a Tech QA and then a CI Architect. Next, I moved to the Run side, working in Operations, DevOps, and SRE. And now, I’m a consultant, Tech Advisor, bringing a 360-degree perspective, encompassing technical, organizational, FinOps, and, above all, human aspects. My current focus is on “why” before “how.”

A long time ago, I fell into Open Source, a bit by chance, and I’ve stayed there out of conviction. A member of the Apache Foundation for my contributions to Apache Tomcat, I’m more ASL than GPL but that’s not the point.

An overdose of abstraction layers has led my hobbies to revolve around embedded computing and 80s machines that I love to bring back to life, with my monitoring done with an oscilloscope and my deployments with a soldering iron.

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